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Website Development

Business Websites

Looking to kickstart your digital presence with a professional website that's easy to extend as your business grows?

Our Business Websites range from simple landing pages designed to attract customers to your premises and get in touch to multi-page sites showcasing your services, products and reviews.

Common features include a contact form, appointment booking, social media feeds and Google My Business reviews.

Website Development

eCommerce Websites


Planning to launch your online store? Whether selling digital downloads, memberships, courses or physical products, our eCommerce websites focus on not just selling but telling your business's story and showing to customers why they should purchase from you.

First and foremost, we believe the heart of any eCommerce website should be a good business website. A website that tells customers a business's unique selling point. Our eCommerce platform, WooCommerce allows us to develop a custom designed website for you alongside extra functionality that any business website needs on top of the eCommerce element.

We also tailor your website to suit your unique eCommerce needs such as recurring subscriptions, bulk licenses, wholesale trade customers, custom shipping zones, and shipping management providers.


Website Design

Template or Custom

Design #1


Just starting out and looking for a professional website you can be proud of? Our template designed websites are ideal if you don't have an established brand identify and aim to have the heart of your digital presence developed quickly, saving you time you can use to focus on your business.

We'll help you pick out the perfect template to start your digital journey and customise it to suit your needs. A great starting point to help you develop your content.

As your business grows, your website needs will too and our flexible platform combined with our website care plans will support you throughout the transition.

Design #2


Have a strong brand identity (such as your logo or print material) that you're looking for your website to convey? Our custom designed websites will turn your vision into a pixel-perfect digital reality. We can also work with you to develop such a brand identity and transform your digital presence.

Our design team will produce multiple versions for you to choose from and won't rest until you're happy with the finished product. No limited revisions or versions here.

To kickstart your website launch and grow your traffic, all our website services include Google Search Console & Plausible Analytics configuration and basic SEO knowledge as part of our post-launch website training.


All prices are bespoke to meet your unique website requirements but a starting point is provided below.

Website Care Plans

Support Care Plan
Growth Care Plan
Partner Care Plan

Post launch, your website needs a solid foundation and on-going care to keep it current, updated, fast and secure. Our website care plans provide both peace of mind and save you time, leaving you free to work on your business while we take of your site, providing daily backups, weekly updates and essential security scans.

Our Support Care Plan is perfect if you're just starting out, leveraging our rock-solid cloud hosting and weekly updates with roll-back support, paired with our security measures. In our website training session post-launch, we'll teach you how to manage your site as well as a basic understanding of analytics and SEO. We're happy to help as and when you need us.

Prefer a hands-off approach? Our Partner Care Plan is ideal if you want to use our expertise to the fullest. With one hour of support included, we can help you with content updates, provide advice, implement extra features and SEO improvements.

Business Email

Professional Email, Data Storage & Communication

Every business needs an email address and a professional one is crucial for your credibility. We will help you set up and configure Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace to your needs, whether you're a solopreneur or an SME with multiple employees along with migrating any data you may already have.

It is essential that your email delivery is top-notch so we ensure both your own emails and those sent on your behalf (such from your website or newsletter) are properly authenticated with SPF, DKIM and DMARC so they don't fall afoul of spam filters.

Other essential areas critical to your business are data storage and communication. We can assess your data storage needs and inform you of the best solution whether that's OneDrive, SharePoint or Google Drive (to name a few) and connect them to your devices as well as set up Teams, Slack or other communication channels for your team.

We can also (on-request) assess your computing devices, advise on upgrades or buying advice and perform tune-ups and malware cleanups for ailing PCs, phones and tablets on both Windows and macOS operating systems.

Data Protection Laws

UK-GPDR & Other Data Protection Compliance

Adhering to data protection laws is critical for any website that is online today. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines. However, we ensure every website we develop is compliant as websites must comply with every country's data protection laws that they receive visitors for.

We are a Certified Agency Partner for Termegeddon whose auto-updating privacy policies, terms & conditions and cookie consent solution ensure our websites are protected and kept up to date with changes to legislation.

We also deploy a privacy-friendly, cookie-free and EU-centric analytics solution, Plausible Analytics which allows you to keep your previous Google Analytics data and continue to gather analytics in a GPDR-compliant way.

Other benefits include counting users behind ad-blockers, increased page performance (the script is 17x smaller than GA) and an easy to use dashboard and monthly email reports.


Website Search Engine Optimisation

Launching your amazing website is just the first step. You need to drive traffic from your target audience in order to meet its goals - whether that’s sales, subscribers, students or just informed potential customers.

All our websites include on-page SEO optimisation to add meta titles, keywords and descriptions to your pages to control how users will search for your website.

New to SEO? We’re happy to perform keyword research for you to find the search terms your target audience are using with high volume and low competition, ideal for your new website to rank for or perform analysis of your existing keyword list.

Spyrath Dev - Website Search
Spyrath Dev - Website Social
Spyrath Dev - Website Social

SEO is an on-going process that is part of optimising your website. As such, our Partner Care Plan includes a monthly keyword report, analysing how your website is ranking for your targeted keywords.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help improve your website’s SEO and we can talk you through the various easy to implement strategies that consistently employed will help your website rise to the top of Google.