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BirkenTree Mockup
BirkenTree Website

WordPress eCommerce Website

Birkentree came to us with strong printed branding and required our expertise in translating it for the web as well as developing an e-commerce platform that could handle not only regular customers but their wholesale ones too with bespoke pricing and tax for each trade deal.

We delivered a custom designed WooCommerce store with user roles to manage customers vs trade and integrated Stripe and Zenstores to manage their payment and shipping with custom shipping zones to match what their shipping provider, APC offered.

RGU Digital Cities
WordPress Business Website

The RGU Digital Cities research group required a simple website that could educate users about their purpose and keep them informed about their members' projects.

With a quick turnaround and RGU branding essential, we designed a four page website that showcased their blog and Twitter feed and the purple RGU brand to meet their needs.

RGU Digital Cities Website

Lasting Impact Academy
WordPress LMS Website

Lasting Impact Academy is an organisational training programme aimed at continuing professional development for organisations, both small and large.

We met their sophisicated subscription model and learning management system requirements through a Learndash and WooCommerce system that enabled group leaders that manage their own employees training by purchasing bulk licenses with both an one-off and ongoing fee, making it easier to scale and manage.

Lasting Impact Academy LMS Website

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Richard Laing

Professor (RGU) PhD MRICS FRSA

Spyrath Dev - Testimonial Quotes

Louise helped us to establish the web site for our research group, including design. I was really impressed by the way in which she was open to ideas regarding the functionality and appearance of the site, and the speed with which she produced material.

Perhaps of even greater importance was her advice regarding the domain, hosting, features and technical setup. Her enthusiasm - and obviously detailed technical knowledge and ability - was hugely impressive. I would gladly work with Louise again.